Bijian TANG

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Ph.D. Student, Division of Environment and Sustainability (


Doctor of Science (Ph.D.) 2017/09 - 2022/08
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Major: Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Master of Science (M.S.) 2013/09 - 2016/06
  • Beijing Normal University, Major: Cartography and Geography Information System
  • Thesis Title: Local Effects of Forest on Temperature across Europe
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) 2009/09 - 2013/06
  • Wuhan University, Major: Remote Sensing and Technology
  • Thesis Title: An approach to Exhibiting on the Achievements of Resettlement Plan Design

Professional Work Experience

Remote Sensing R&D Engineering (Part-time position) 2016/07 - 2017/06
  • Global Change Data Processing and Analysis Centre, Beijing Normal University

Research Interest

  • Impacts of land use change with remote sensing and climate modelling

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